Black Dragon Orchestra
All original rock/classical music that will blow you away!

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Welcome to the Dragon's Lair!

The driving force behind Black Dragon Orchestra is Ross Jackson who is responsible for all of the vocals, guitar, bass, drums and keyboards on most of the songs. In addition to being the main musical performer, Ross is also the Producer and Engineer and records in his own studio called NightShift Productions.  To hear more music by BDO go to:

This is where Black Dragon Orchestra presently stands, but if you want to hear more, read on and learn the legend of the Dragon...

In 1994, Bassist/Guitarist/Drummer/Keyboardist and Vocalist, Ross Jackson founded an original, Boston-based band called Supernaut (named appropriately after a Black Sabbath song). Shortly after forming they were signed to a local indie label called Beantown Entertainment and after four years of recording and gigging in the Boston original scene Supernaut called it quits.
In 2000 he joined another original, hard rock band called Condition Blue. Shortly after, Condition Blue began to crumble after becoming burdened with expensive studio and touring expenses and finally disbanded in 2004.
In 2007, the desire to create original music pulled Ross out of the cover band scene and back with his old band Supernaut. After learning of another band with the same name they changed the name to Cemetery Superfly. Cemetery Superfly, with the help of a management company called Big Noise, had some mild success when they were placed on the ballot for the 2010 Grammy Awards in four different categories including 
Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album. Unfortunately, after almost four years and countless local and international achievements Cemetery Superfly disbanded.

Finally, the creative bug had bitten once more and The Black Dragon Orchestra was born. Ross has returned to his roots of writing and recording original music that comes straight from his soul and hopefully into the hearts and minds of those who are fortunate enough to hear his music.